This glass skywalk trail (玻璃栈道) is definitely not designed for the faint of hearts buy viagra without prescription. Besides the breathtaking scenes of the Heavens Gate Tianmen Cave, the glass skywalk bridge is the next spot which wows the tourists of the Tianmenshan National Forest Park. easiest place get viagra

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The World’s Highest Glass Trail – Sky Glass Trail

The glass walkway bridge was built at around 1430 meters (4700 ft) above sea level. Some other trails are covered with ordinary concrete like those you have seen in the country park. This walkway is about 22 meters (70 ft) long and 3ft wide; the glass is 2.5 inch thick. This glass trail, located in Zhangjiajie, is known as the highest glass trail in the world.


Glass Walkway Trail – Why?

So, why are these path specially covered in glass? As most of you had known, Zhangjiajie is famous for its thousands of pinnacles with at least 800 meters tall merging from the ground. Up here they are building a glass skywalk from a pinnacle. Unlike constructing a glass trail from the mountain, which steeps gradually, building a glass walkway high up on a pinnacle could allow passenger to feel the height of the area they are standing at, and the view underneath will be clear enough to provide an empty, floating experience.

Of course, to ensure a clear view underneath, the glass has to be kept clean constantly. Visitors would have to wear shoe covers to do the skywalking to avoid glass slippery and to protect the glass.

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Construction of the Glass Skywalk Trail

So, does this path get you more exciting or has it already scared the hell out of you? Well, like it or not, we are getting to see how this path is built. Feeling unsafe on the glass trail? Taking a look at how the workers build the bridge may boost your confidence on the glass trail to skywalk.

Precautions – Prepare Well for the Glass Path Bridge

While loitering on the glass trail is one of the best feeling in your day trip, do take precautions when you are on the walkway. Take special care with your children and avoid jumping on the glass. Remember, this is China, you do not want to test the quality of the glass trail with your own safety. Control yourself and you would be fine.

For those who are fear of heights, do not force yourself to walk on the skywalk trail. Take an alternative path. It would be good enough to see the Heaven’s Gate at the end of the day. Assume little or even no emergency facilities stationed on the mountain top.

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