Stanley, a small village in Hong Kong, has now become very prosperous. It is a main tourism site in Hong Kong thanks to the fantastic Stanley market. It is one of the most famous market place in Hong Kong. Located in a sunny area near wonderful beaches at the south of Hong Kong helps it become even more popular. It is such a fantastic environment for shopping and enjoying the day.
Shopaholic tourists get ready for more surprises in Stanley market. The place is always busy with visitors during the day for a whole week. Pleasant fact is that tourists can find all things from branded one or even bargains local stuffs. No wonder that many tourists are interested to come and end up in buying things. A line of shops and stalls along the Stanley road offer a glimpse of quality products. It is up to you to choose between the many varieties of branded clothing and accessories offered by hundreds of shops in Stanley market. If not, collections of Oriental ornaments and souvenirs such as crafts, paintings and silk products will for sure impress the tourists.


Spend a Relaxing Day at Stanley

Stanley is more than a busy shopping market. For non-Shopaholics tourist, Stanley offers pretty sunny beaches. These are also well known for windsurfers. Not only that, different types of nice restaurants and bars to relax and enjoy are available nearby.

Murray House is the most popular among other restaurants. It is not merely a place to eat but also a unique tourism site in Stanley. It also functions as the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. What makes this restaurant unique is the ‘house’ itself. Murray House is a three floored old colonial building. It was built in 1982 in Central. The Victorian era building is then rebuilt in Stanley 16 years later.
A great holiday plan in Stanley is to start the day with shopping and bargaining things in Stanley market. Finished the journey in the market, then continued with a beautiful evening in the front beach and end the day eating a great delicacy in one of the restaurants nearby. What a day in Stanley.