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Thank you for your order. We will process the order soon.

Please note: All of the reservations confirmation will have been made and sent out before the day of your preferred day of visit. Even for those who ordered last minute, we will have reserved for you the night before your day of visit, (e.g. the order is placed at July 1st and visit date is July 2nd, your order should have been processed and confirmation should have sent to your paypal payment mailbox before July 1st 23:59). If you cannot receive any confirmation please check your spam box or trash box or other folders in your email, it is also possible that you cannot receive the confirmation if you check your mailbox in mainland China.

Gmail or other Western Email Could Not Receive Our Confirmation Email

If you are making the order in mainland China you may not be able to receive email properly, because China is blocking your email service provider, for example you will not be able to check emails under Gmail in China unless you use a proxy. In this case, even you contact us by providing your gmail address we have no way to contact you because you cannot receive our mails until you are back to your home country.

In this case you could download WeChat in China and inform us your WeChat account by the contact us form, we will contact you by WeChat (Weixin in Chinese).

Or, if you are really in a hurry, you can still enter the Forbidden City without our confirmation email provided that the information you gave us are 100% matched with your passport. Because we have reserved the ticket for you, the problem is that you cannot receive the confirmation, but under Forbidden City Online System, they still have a ticket reserved for the visit according to your given date, your passport number and your name.

Follow the following directions in case you cannot receive a confirmation email but in a hurry to visit:

Please bring your passport with you to enter or they will not let you in. Save up this directions in your phone so you can reference to them when you are there.
If you have ordered more than 1 ticket, please go together and enter as a group. Though separate check in is still valid, the e-ticket will mark all tickets as checked as long as 1 person has checked in, then no refund or rescheduled is allowed.
When you arrive at the entrance, go to the East side and search for the concession service counter 综合服务窗口 (ask guards around if you can’t find it), show them your passports and tell them you’ve ordered tickets online. They will give you ticket for entry.

If your order is an urgent order or you have other queries regarding to your order, please contact us.

Other Tours and Services

Jenny’s Beijing Airport Layover Tour Car Service or Daytour Service

Tour / No. of People 1-3 4-7 8-12 13-18
Half day 4 hours Beijing Tour

(include Forbidden City)

600 750 950 1250
Mutianyu Great Wall 700 850 1050 1350
Mutianyu Great Wall and Forbidden City 900 1100 1300 1600
Huang Hua Cheng Great Wall 800 950 1150 1450
Beijing City 8 hours Tour 800 950 1150 1450


Price in RMB included car, gasoline, parking fees, tolls and English-speaking driver. Entrance tickets are not included. To be paid after service.

To reserve a service, another USD $17 or HKD $130 service fee will be charged. Service fee will be fully refunded if the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours. Contact us if you are interested.

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