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Forbidden City Ticket Reservation


Adult Ticket – HKD $86

Paid by Paypal

Your reservation have to be reviewed before you could make the payment and order. Please submit below info, you will hear from us if we could get the slot you want. Last order, check point 9 below.

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For those who have their reservation approved please pay at the purchase link.

Terms and details of ordering:

  1. Refunds: No refunds could be made. You could only change your order to a later date. Make up your mind before ordering.
  2. The museum is closed on ALL MONDAYS except on national public holiday Mondays. If you are not sure, do not order on Monday.
  3. Tickets could only be reserved 10 days before the entry date till the day before the entry date. Eg, if you would like to order October 11st ticket, you could order it from October 1st to October 10th. Please do not place the order until October 1st. If you place an order on the day before the entry date, there is a chance that your preferred ticket time slot is out or we may not be able to reserve it due to time zone differences.
  4. Entry Time: AM – enter Forbidden City before 12pm on the date of visit; PM – enter Forbidden City after 12pm. You can exit the park whenever you like before closing.
  5. Passport Name and Passport Number are required per entry. They will check your passport with the reserved record to allow entrance of reserved visitors. Please input ENGLISH characters only as your name.
  6. Reservation Processing Time:
    Even though you have placed an order with us within 10 days, we may not be able to reserve for you on the day you’ve made the payment. Please allow us time to process with your order. If you place your order 10 days ahead, we will be able to reserve and send you the confirmation a week before your ticket entry date. Eg, if you had ordered October 11st ticket, you should be able to get our confirmation email before October 5th. If not you could message us about the progress on this page. We will try to reserve them as early as possible once they are available.
  7. Change of details after booking is confirmed:
    You will be able to receive a confirmation email after we have completed the ordering. If so please check the details of the confirmation attachment: including date and time, passport name and passport number.
    If there are any identity mismatch, or date/time mismatch, please reply with the mail asap so we could make the changes for you before the ticket is forfeited.
    Changes could only be made within 1 day after confirmation email is received, and, 48 hours before the ticket entry date.
  8. Children/Student Tickets:
    Children under 120 cm in height or under 6 years old (inclusively) are free of charge.
    20 yuan tickets are available for elementary, middle school, and university students in China, including foreign students studying in Chinese universities, with valid student I.D. or certified letter from school administrator (including students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, excluding graduate and adult education students). Concession tickets have to be bought on site with related documents.
  9. Customer service is available on Wechat/WeiXin @skyeechee. Please contact us if you are in doubt.