Many of us have the experience of flying on a flight, and as always, plane tickets are the most expensive cost we have to spend for a trip. Even for those who travel frequently for business, it is not very likely that they could get much discount on their tickets, where one has to earn a lot of miles in order to redeem free miles. So for most of us who do not fly often, it appears that we will have to spend a large percentage of our trip fare on the airfare, rather than spending it to enjoy the food, culture and the fun in our destination countries.

As the air ticket for long miles (say for traveling from USA or Western Europe to China) will be much more expensive, there is still certain ways to snatch cheaper tickets. I learned these methods from Henry Rustkirk, who was an airline reservation agent for 9 years until he was fired without any reason.

What is even better is that, the information Henry provided is not something where you can easily search from the Internet or other places, plus, all the confidential tips he revealed are up-to-date, they are not tricks back a few years and they still work RIGHT NOW.

I really would like to share all that I learned from him here and have a discussion with you. However due to copyright issues I cannot do so. Moreover it will be really immoral for me to reveal all his secrets which are now one of his main source of income after being fired by the airline.

But in order to show you the power of his tips I am going to share one tip I learned after reading his book. One only, here it goes: Better book the tickets in advance (one month before) rather than searching for last minute tickets, most of the time you will not be able to get last minute tickets. Travel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday night only. Please read Henry’s techniques for a complete list.

Personally I have had bad experience with different airline companies before, the strict rules, shady ways to charge travelers, poor customer services, you name it, I am sure that most of you have similar experience. So instead of letting them get their way, I would rather save up as much as I can while traveling with them. Better donate the remaining to the children or animals!

Henry really did a good job on gathering the material. With the valuable information he has collected you can apply it every time in the years to come when you have to travel on flights. And apart from getting cheap air ticket, now he had also gathered tips to renting cheap cars, booking cheap hotels and airport security – 3 free copies as bonus to the whole package. If you ask me, the cheap cars rental ebook is just not that useful to me. But the cheap hotel reservation tips are as useful as the cheap airline tickets booklet. I am going with these techniques even when I am traveling to various places of China. I am also quite delighted that Henry did not set the price too high so that most people could have the purchasing power to afford that. Listen, you could afford this travel guide with the money you saved from buying air tickets alone with his guidelines. Plus you will be learning how to get cheap hotel reservations too, so this package will be a huge saver on a well-planned journey.

Like I am writing for other China attractions, I will not publish anything unless I understand the materials and had done a full research on it. Similar for the travel guide of Henry Rustkirk, I will not recommend it unless I had read it and found it useful. But unfortunately if you find that it is not as helpful as described, nice Henry also offers a 60 days money back guarantee. He is not those types of scammers who sends you two pages of shitty bulletin points just to make ends meet, instead, he really want to help the public like you and me, as to express his anger of the laid off.



Henry also stated that if you do not save TWICE with the tips in 60 days, he will refund for what you had paid. He also guarantees that you COULD SAVE up something. Henry’s ebook is called “Insider SECRETS to Cheap Flights” (here is the affiliate link, please use the search engine if you are uncomfortable with it). I could ensure that you could save some bucks with all the materials provided. I sincerely hope that by making use of the golden tactics you will have a wonderful and impressing journey anytime, to anywhere.