Starting from 2015, the tenth “China Cultural Heritage Day”, Forbidden City (Beijing Place Museum) will be officially limiting daily passengers to 80,000. The implementation will incorporate with real-name system for ticket sales, each person could purchase one ticket only per day with the same ID.


From then on, tours visiting the Forbidden City could order tickets from the Internet 10 days in advance, each tour team could arrange a free ticket for the tour guide. ‘Tours’ which has not reserved in advance will be treated as individual.

Individual on-site purchase will also be implementing the real-name system. Individual visitors would be asked to show their ID card or passports when buying tickets. In fact, the Forbidden City also encourage individual visitors to order tickets through their online system. Each order could include up to five tickets, of which the ID or passport of the visitor who booked online has to prove their identity when claiming the tickets on the day of visiting. Tickets of other visitors are still required to carry identity cards or passport to prove their identity in case the staff request.

Reserving Forbidden City Tickets Online

What you need

To preregister for your trip to the Palace Museum, you will need the followings

  1. Passport buy levitra discount
  2. Mobile Number in China (usually as +86 13x xxxx xxxx)
  3. Alipay Account for money transfer
  4. Email (optional)


To preorder entrance tickets to Gugong as “Individual”, visit

They had changed their layout since 2015 Feb.


For old site

Click “普通观众”.


Then a login/register form will pop up. Register if you haven’t done yet.



The registration form is a bit tricky to pass, the valid phone number format is a combination of 11 numeric characters. If you don’t own a phone number in China, you could try but it may not work. Valid ‘phone number’ to pass the form include area code for example 135xxxxxxxx, 138xxxxxxxx or 139xxxxxxxx.

After you passed the registration form, click “普通观众” again then you will be able to view how many tickets are available for the coming 10 days. Current day will not be available, latest day will be the next day.

You can then select AM(上午) or PM (下午)


Here I’ve checked AM, and have selected 3 Adult tickets, 2 elderly tickets and 1 student ticket. But pay attention, you could only order maximum 5 tickets per ID.

Click next and then it requires visitor to fill in their ID/passport, check the radio button 港澳台身份证/护照, enter passport number and your name.


Next page asks if you would like to include tickets to Treasure Gallery and Hall of Clocks as well.



Then it will show you the checkout list before proceeding to payment. Check ‘个人’ to collect the tickets in person.

For payment, now you could only pay with Alipay, or if you have bank account cards in China, bank transfer.

If you could pay successfully, then it’s done.

On the day of visit, head up to the counter(located at the East of the entrance), show your passport to them and get a pass for your group. The counter’s name is 综合服务窗口.

The Palace Museum Ticketing Booking Service

It could be inconvenient for international visitors to order forbidden city tickets if they don’t have Alipay, China mobile number or any bank account in a China Bank. Now we are offering a booking service to cater for these needs.

Simply reserve over here now and we could pre-order for you. We accept Paypal. Just provide the information required by the registration and we could book it on your behalf. Hope that we could help in facilitating your journey to China.