Heaven’s Gate Mountain – 天門山(Mountain Tyanmen or Tianmen Mountain), has another breathe-taking

scene located near Zhangjiajie.

The Cave of Heaven’s Gate

The most attractive spot is the Heaven’s Gate – 天门洞, also called Tianmen Cave, which is located at the top of the mountain. The cave

lies in central is known as “Door to the Heaven”. It is the highest natural cave in China. Due to its special landscape, it was a major

spot for worshiping for the ancient Chinese people. It is obvious that the Heaven’s Gate park is built solely because of the cave.

While we called it a cave in English, actually it is a hole formed in between the mountain naturally. Many places in Zhangjiajie are

composed of limestone deposits by nature, and this is the reason why this hole is formed in between the mountains naturally.
Heavens Gate Mountain

Location of Heaven’s Gate Mountain

The Heaven’s Gate Mountain is located 9 km from Zhangjiajie town, which would take only less than 30 minutes of car ride. However to it

would take much longer to climb up to the mountain.

For those who are actually interested in paying a visit to the stunning landscape, please see the details of the directions and location to the Heaven’s Gate Mountain.

The Glass Walkway Bridge

Apart from the stunning view of the big hole in between the mountain, let me introduce another fun experience for courageous hikers – the glass walkway bridge! Click here for the details and more pictures.

Take a ride with the Longest Cable Car in Heaven’s Gate Mountain

The cable car ride to the Heaven’s Gate Mountain is 4 mile, which is said to be the longest cable car ride of the same type.

Interesting Events Happened in Heaven’s Gate Mountain

The following video shows Jeb Corliss skydive through the cave. It must feel good up there!