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Suyukou National Forest Park

Helanshan National Natural Reserve

Suyukou National Forest Park, Zhen Su Lu, Xixia Qu, Yinchuan Shi, Ningxia Huizuzizhiqu, China
Monday - Sunday -> 08:00-18:30
CNY 60
1-2 days (Suggested)

The Helan canyon suspension bridge is one of the longest and craziest walking bridge in the world. The bridge is found in Suyukou Park , which lies within Helanshan National Natural Reserve 贺兰山国家级自然保护区.


Helan canyon suspension bridge

The 1200 meters long suspension walking bridge in Helanshan is 2 meters wide and 135 meters high from the ground. It could support at most 1000 people at the same time. It connects the pine scenic spot QingChongLing 青松岭 and on the other side, you could see there is a classy pagoda -Shiji Pagoda 世纪塔 on the other end. It is exciting to see that the whole combination makes such a picturesque landscape, until you have to walk on the bridge by foot. Till now, it is the highest and longest suspension walking bridge.

Core attractions in Suyukou park

  1. Concierge and Helanshan Museum, next to it is the skiing facilities
  2. Sanqingguan 三清观 – a religion Taoism temple
  3. Lingguang Temple 灵光寺 – Buddhism Temple
  4. Pine Villa 松涛山庄 – provides overnight hostel service, and river crossing, rock climbing and camping activities
  5. Cherry Cave 樱桃谷 – where a variety of bizarre rock formations situate. The cave is 2km long and vegetated by cherry trees. The fruits are ripened in mid-July. When you look up from Cherry Cave, you will be able to see the bottom of suspension bridge.suyukou_cherry_cave
  6. QingChongLing 青松岭 – major pine tree scenic spot. This is where the suspension bridge cross over to Shiji Pagoda 世纪塔 and Rabbit Pit 兔儿坑, and under the bridge was where Cherry Cave 樱桃谷 is situated
  7. Shiji Pagoda 世纪塔 – built during end of Song Dynasty as defensive beacon for military purpose and patrolling. When there was enemy invasion, the fort will be lighted up to transfer invasion signal to the capital, same as the purpose of beacon fortress in the Great Wall. Now it is turned into a tourist pagoda.
  8. Helanshan gap  贺兰山阙 – At the mountain foot, you could view the range of Hulan Mountains. For cultural interest, there are temples from Western Xia Empire (year 1038 to 1227) and the Rock art of Helan Mountain, which could date back as far ago as in the beginning of Ming Dynasty. From Pine Villa 松涛山庄 you could walk down to Helanshan gap along the plank path, which is built around the mountain.


    Plank path to Helanshan gap 贺兰山阙

Opening Hours and Tickets of Suyukou National Forest Park

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
EntranceYear RoundAdult60
Helan MuseumYear RoundAdult20

Directions of Getting There


Yinchuan Hedong International Airport (INC) 银川河东国际机场

Yinchuan airport is located southeast from the city center. To go from Yinchuan airport to city center, you could take shuttle bus INC Line 1 (INC1线). It runs from 06:00 to 18:00, 30 minutes interval and costs ¥20 CNY.


Yinchuan Railway Station


Yinchuan City Tourist Bus 2 will terminate at the park. You can take it from Yinchuan Railway Station or Xinyue Square 新月广场.

Tourist Bus 2 游2路 details: bus starts daily from 08:30, 09:30

Route stops: Xinyue Square 新月广场 -> Apollo Hotel 太阳神大酒店 -> Xincheng 新城 -> Yinchuan Railway Station 火车站 -> Ning South Gate 宁大南门 -> Ermin yuan 二民院-> Suyukou 苏峪口


Mt. Helan Suyukou Park Guide

There are a few routes to tour Suyukou. You can consider the following routine.

Day 1, choose 1 of the following routes, and then stay at Pine Villa and view sunrise at QingChongLing.

Route 1:

Helanshan Museum – Sanqingguan 三清观 – Lingguang Temple 灵光寺 – Pine Villa (by cable) 松涛山庄 – QingChongLing (return by cable) 青松岭 – Shiji Pagoda 世纪塔 – Rabbit Pit 兔儿坑 – Cherry Cave 樱桃谷

Route 2:

Helanshan Museum – Sanqingguan 三清观 – Lingguang Temple 灵光寺 – Cherry Cave 樱桃谷 – Rabbit Pit 兔儿坑 – Shiji Pagoda 世纪塔 – QingChongLing (cable) 青松岭 – Pine Villa 松涛山庄

Day 2, head to Helanshan gap 贺兰山阙, route of the foot of Mt. Helan (orange path as below guide map).



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