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Manting Park

Jinghong Manting Garden

Manting Park, 35 Man Ting Lu, Jinghong Shi, Xishuangbanna Daizuzizhizhou, Yunnan Sheng, China, 666100
中国>云南省>西双版纳傣族自治州>景洪市景洪曼听公园 景洪市曼听路35号
Monday - Sunday -> 08:30-17:30
CNY 40
half - 1 day (Suggested)

Manting Park was the imperial garden of Dao Shixun 刀世勋, the chieftain of chieftain of the Dai people 傣王. It is the oldest park in Xishauangbanna with 1300+ years of history.

The Dai people called this park “Chunhuan” 春欢, meaning the garden of souls. There was a story that when the princess of Dai people traveled the Manting Park, the beautiful scenery had attracted her soul.

If you are visiting the Manting Park, of course you will be touring Wabajie 瓦叭洁, White Pagoda 白塔、Octagonal Pavilion 八角亭、Fangsheng Lake 放生湖. Apart from the park, there is a campfire variety show at night which you should not miss. The show is able to unveil the culture of Dai people together with other cultures from the south Asia countries (Lao, Thai, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia), through their costumes and stories based on Mekong River.

Opening Hours and Tickets of Manting Park

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
All AreaYear RoundAdult40
Campfire Dance Show18:55-21:40Adult280-480

Directions of Getting There


Route 3 bus will stop at Manting Park.

You can also walk 500m from Manting Xiaozhai 曼听小寨, a famous barbecue street near the north of the park.

Manting Park Entrance

If you would like to tour the park, you will have to buy the day ticket, the show at night will only get you to the entrance of the show.

The show tickets are different from the entrance tickets, show tickets are arranged with seat number, get the show ticket early only you’ve confirmed that you could watch the show to get better seats. The variety show tickets are on demand, especially during Chinese public holidays, get them early if you are traveling in those seasons.

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