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Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains

Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains

Wudang Mountains
Monday - Sunday -> 08:00-17:00
CNY 250
2-3 days (Suggested)

350km from Wuhan in the Hubei province lies a range of sacred mountains of Taoism, the Wudang Mountains. Infrastructures on the Wudang Mountains had been constructed since its recognition from the Tang era, although some of the oldest architectures were destroyed, the largest groups of complex during the Ming Dynasty were well preserved. The building complex situated on the scenic slopes of Wudang Mountains for a millennium years was listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage in 1994.

Opening Hours and Tickets of Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
All Area (included map)Year RoundAdult250
Cable Car (Going Up)Year RoundAdult90
Cable Car (Going Down)Year RoundAdult80

Directions of Getting There

Air – WDS(Shiyan Wudangshan Airport)

Train – Wudangshan Railway Station

Outside Wudangshan Station there is a bus stop for shuttle bus travelling to Wudangshan directly.


Staying at the hotels near the mountain foot could be much cheaper than those located at the top of the mountain. If you would like to stay overnight at the mountain top for sunrise and sunset views, book the hotels beforehand to find the best deal.

Wudang Mountain Guide:

Wudangshan Uphill

From Wudang Mountain Main Entrance, you can choose to take a bus towards Taizipo 太子坡 Parking Lot instead of walking. On the way to Taizipo, the bus ride will not stop at Huilong Temple 回龙观 and Needle Grinding Well 磨针井, you’ll have to view them through the windows. If you don’t enjoy walking too much, take the bus, the way from entrance to Taizipo is just a bit twists along the hills.

Time-Saving Route: Main Entrance -> Take shuttle bus to Taizhipo 太子坡 -> Transfer to Middle Temple 琼台 -> Cable Car to Golden Hill -> Walk to Golden Hall (the Peak) 金顶

Cable Car cost is not included in the ticket package (Up CNY 90, Down CNY 80)

Normal Route: Main Entrance -> Take shuttle bus to Taizhipo 太子坡 -> Purple Cloud Temple 紫霄宫 (Bus costs CNY 15 for the ride) -> Walk or Transfer to Southern Rock Rising Rock 南岩 -> Walk to the Golden Hall (the Peak) 金顶

Near Dragon Spring Temple 龍泉观 there’s a place called ‘The Ramble Valley’ 逍遥谷. There are kung fu performances showing daily at 10:30 and 15:30 at The Ramble Valley.

Purple Cloud Temple 紫霄宫 is a place for incense burning, you can visit if you are interested.


Purple Cloud Temple 紫霄宫

There are hotels near Southern Rock Rising Rock 南岩. If you would like to view the sunrise of the next day, you will have to get out at around 4am (be careful of the dark and try to go in groups) and climb to Golden Hill 金顶. You maybe lucky to meet monks on the way, ask if they are going the same way and follow them.

Near Southern Rock Rising Rock 南岩 you will be able to see Taichang Temple 太常观 and Leishen Cave 雷神洞. Visit them before 6pm before the temples close.

Wudangshan Downhill

Depends on which way you came up from, you may want to travel a different path from the uphill path.

If you came up to Golden Hill from Southern Rock Rising Rock 南岩, you may want to travel down by cable car to Middle Temple 琼台, and back to Taizhipo 太子坡 .

If you came up from Middle Temple 琼台 by cable car, you can walk down to Southern Rock Rising Rock 南岩, and then take the right hand side path of the map to go Five Dragon Temple 五龍宫 and then take shuttle from Yinxian Temple 隐仙岩 down to Wudang Mountain’s Gate.

Best Route (get the the most from Wudang Mountain)

Main Entrance -> Taizhipo 太子坡 -> Middle Temple 琼台 -> Cable Car to Golden Hill -> Golden Hall (the Peak) 金顶 -> Southern Rock Rising Rock 南岩 -> (Purple Cloud Temple 紫霄宫) -> Five Dragon Temple 五龍宫 -> Yinxian Temple 隐仙岩 -> Wudang Mountain’s Gate

Wudangshan Map:



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