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Qingtongxia Tourist Area

Bronze Gorge with One Hundred and Eight Stupas (108 Pagoda)

Monday - Sunday -> 09:00-18:00
CNY 80
half day (Suggested)

One Hundred and Eight Stupas, Huanghe (Yellow River) Grand Canyon and Qingtong Old Village form a Tourist Area in Qingtongxia (一百零八塔, 黃河大峽谷, 青銅古鎮).

Huanghe (Yellow River) Grand Canyon

In Qingtongxia, Ningxia, here is where the upper reach of the second control of Huanghe (Yellow River). Passengers on the cruise can experience the power of Yellow River(Huanghe).

One Hundred and Eight Stupas

The stupas had been constructed since Western Xia(10 38-1227) and on going for centuries.

What do the 108 stupas in Qinglongxia represent? Some say that it is representing 108 dead soldiers, others say that it was built for heroine General Mu Guiying, while some claimed that they were just storing bone ashes of 108 monks.

The largest stupas of 108 Stupas in Qinglongxia is located at the top of the triangle. It is 5m tall.

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Directions of Getting There


Wuzhong or Qingtongxia Railway Station

There is no public bus going to 108 Stupas. Usually it takes ¥30-¥50 RMB for hiring a car from Qingtongxia Station to 108 Stupas directly.

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