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Section of the Old City Walls

Walls of Macau, the Defensive Measure Made of Clay, Sand, and etc


Another old structure of Macau was just right next to Na Tcha Temple. There you could find a section of the old city walls. It is quite obvious that this wall is different from today’s walls.

The old city walls were built at 1569, the 16th century. The Portuguese followed their tradition to construct defensive walls around their port settlements, they did this in their Indian and African colonies too. The walls were closely packed with layers of rocks, clay, sand, rice straw, oyster shells and sand to form a compound called chunambo to defend against the Chinese and other invaders.

After defending the city from various attacks, most parts of the walls were collapse or disassembled, leaving the 18.5 meters sections of old city walls to serve as the evidence of the history.


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Section of the Old City Walls Macau,

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