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Guan Gong Yi Park

Guan Yu Garden of Righteous

Nan Huan Lu, Jingzhou Qu, Jingzhou Shi, Hubei Sheng, China
Monday - Sunday -> 08:30-18:00
CNY 120
half - 1 day (Suggested)

The Chinese God of War, Guan Yu/Guan Gong had been worshiped by the Chinese for hundreds of years. Guan Yu 关羽 was a general who had won a number of battles and had captured Caocao 曹操 alive. He used to station in Jingzhou. After he died, the people deified him as “Guan Gong” 关公 for respect, where Gong 公 has the meaning of father/granddad.

In 2016 the Park of Guan Gong was opened to the public, unveiling the Guan Yu bronze statue of 1200 tons. The theme of this park is 义 (Yi), which means righteous. And Guan Gong was famous for his character of righteousness. The authority has invested 1.5 billion CNY in this park.

Guan Gong Garden of Righteous

Guan Gong Garden of Righteous

Size comparison of the head of Guan Gong Statue to a construction person

Size comparison of the head of Guan Gong Statue to a construction worker

Opening Hours and Tickets of Guan Gong Yi Park

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
All AreaYear RoundAdult120

Directions of Getting There


The park is located in Jingzhou city, it is not hard to find it at all once you have arrived in Jingzhou. In town, bus Route 17 (terminates at the park), 4 or 23 will stop near Guan Gong Park and you could alight at Changjiang University East Stop 长江大学东校区站 or, if you are taking Route 23, alight at Chest Clinic Stop 胸科医院站

Guan Gong Yi Park Guide

If you are lucky, there will be dancing or kungfu performance showing in Guangong Yi Garden. Among all, the kungfu skills of Guangong is the highlight of the show.

You can see the differences between the giant Guangong statue and the figuative Guangong worshipped by households. The real Guan Gong figure is red-faced, which is not showed in the bronze statue. Where both Guangongs carry serious, earnest expression, without any trace of anger.

Guan Gong martial arts performance in Guang Gong park

Guan Gong martial arts performance in Guan Gong park

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