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Ancient Koguryo Kingdom (Gao Juli Wangcheng)

Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom

Monday - Sunday -> 08:00-17:00
CNY 120
half - 1 day (Suggested)

Koguryo was an ancient empire existed from 277 BC to 668 AD before it was destroyed by an alliance of Silla(Korea) and Tang Dynasty(China). It was one of the ethnic minorities which had greater impact on the politics of ancient China, where it also acts in a major role in the development of the northeast of China. Ji’an in Jilin and Huanren, the former capital cities of Koguryo, was centralized for the development of politics, arts and finance early Koguryo empire. In the 20th century, remains of Koguryo kingdom were discovered in these former capitals of Koguryo. The ancient remains of Koguryo culture were inscribed as world cultural heritage in 2004.

Opening Hours and Tickets of Ancient Koguryo Kingdom (Gao Juli Wangcheng)

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
All AreaYear RoundAdult120

Directions of Getting There


Tonghua Train Station (通化) – Take the train to Tonghua Station, follow by shuttle to Ji’An 集安市 City, the shuttle is around 30-40 CNY and it will take 2-3 hours. Shuttle usually depart on 07:00、08:40 、10:30 、11:30 13:00、 14:05、 15:00 、16:00 、17:00 、18:00.


Ji’An Train Station (集安) – There is only 1 train interval going to from Tonghua Train Station to Ji’An Train Station daily at 7:30am, but the train fee is cheaper than the shuttle bus, only at around 10 CNY. It takes 3 hours ride so usually you will arrive Ji’An at 11am.

Unless you can arrive Tonghua Train Station at 6:30-7am, you will more likely be taking the shuttle bus to Ji’An City.

Since there aren’t much attractions in the city, half day or 1 day travel would be adequate for normal visitors.


Route 3 will be stopping at Yushan Nobles Tomb Ruins 禹山贵族墓地景区.

Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom — Location of Individual Atractions


Most Koguryo Ruins including The General Tomb 将军坟, Wandu Mountain Ancient City 丸都山城, Yushan Nobles Tomb Ruins 禹山贵族墓地景区, Koguryo Antique Historic Site Tourism Area, Donggou Tomb 洞沟古墓群 are scattered nearby each other within a few kilometers. You could hire a van on site for 50-100 CNY travelling to all these areas.


Combined Ticket

The Koguryo Ruins Park in the City


Koguryo Ruins Park

The General Tomb

The General Tomb is the tomb of Changshou Emperor (长寿王). It is one of the core complex for the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom and Tomb unesco attraction. The outlook of the tomb looks quite similar to Egypt’s Pyramids, so it also has the name of ‘The Pyramid in the East’.

Koguryo_generaltomb2  Koguryo_stone Koguryo_stone2

Koguryo_stone3    Koguryo_generaltomb

Donggou Tomb (Tomb of TaiWang 太王陵)


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Ancient Koguryo Kingdom (Gao Juli Wangcheng) Ji'an,

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