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Ejina Huyanglin

Ejin Poplar Forest

Inner Mongolia
CNY 200

Ejina poplar forest is most visited in October and November. Ejina Huyanglin, translated to English, is Ejina Poplar, a desert cottonwood forest in Ejina, Inner Mongolia.

If you go to Ejina Huyanglin at mid to end of October, you will still be able to see the leaves on the cottonwood, while there will be a certain amount of leaves already fallen off. If you visit them at November, most leaves will be shredded. Too early the cottonwood will still have green leaves and too late the deciduous trees will become marcescence or partial marcescences.

There are eight core bridges in Ejina Huyanglin. The second, fourth and the eighth bridges are more famous.

If you are staying overnight, stay near the second bridge. The night lamps near the second bridge will lit up at night, together with the reflection from the river, it makes stunning photos.

There are a few order  individual sites around Ejina Huyanglin: Guyanhai 居延海, Guaishulin 怪樹林 (Strange Forest,  where many cottonwood had withered and turned into marcescence), Khara-Khoto (Black Water City 黑水城), and Badain Jaran Desert 巴丹吉林沙漠



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Ejina Huyanglin Inner Mongolia,

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