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A’ershan National Forest Park

Arxan Aershan National Forest Park

Inner Mongolia
Lvyou Rd, Arxan, Hinggan, Inner Mongolia, China, 137402
Monday - Sunday -> 08:00-17:00
CNY 180
2 days (Suggested)

A’er Mountain is famous for its unconventional scenery of northern China. Mineral resources are scattered in Arxan and locals will drink, bath with the spa water and use it for treatment. A’ershan means ‘hot scared spring’ in mongolian. It is a popular destination for escaping the heat during summer.

In terms of sightseeing, A’ershan also offers a number of attractions:

Tianchi 天池、SanTan Gorge 三潭峡、Shitang Forest 石塘林、Dichi 地池、Guibei Cave 龟背岩、Rhododendron Lake 杜鹃湖、Camel Ridge 驼峰岭天池、Canyon 大峡谷

Opening Hours and Tickets of A’ershan National Forest Park

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
All AreaPeak SeasonAdult180
All AreaOff-Peak SeasonAdult150
Sightseeing busYear RoundAdult105
Car ParkYear RoundAdult25

Entrance tickets are valid for two days. Some area will be closed during off-peak season.

Directions of Getting There


Arxan Railway Station
Two daily trains will travel from Ulan Hot to Arxan. Riding in the morning could view the scenery on the way, taking the night train could arrive A’ershan next day.
Arxan Aershan Train Station

Arxan Train Station

This Arxan Station is also an attraction by itself, so you could plan to go to Arxan by train when you go to A’ershan or when return. The Arxan Railway Station was built in 1937 and was following the Japanese architecture. It is said to be the most beautiful compact train station in China, pictures of Arxan Station look like they were taken in Switzerland.
Another way to tour A’ershan is to book a chartered car. It is more convenient but rather expensive, around ¥800 CNY per day. The transport options in that area is limited and there is no regular buses traveling to A’ershan Forest Park yet.

A’ershan National Forest Park Site

Even if you travelling in summer, the weather of A’ershan could be low as 6 degrees at night.
You will have to show your ticket everytime when you visit a separate attraction. Keep your ticket with you during the journey until you leave the place.
A'ershan Ticket

A’ershan Ticket

If you are lucky, you will be able to photograph rainbow during daytime, or even milky way galaxy at night! It is also possible to view different zodiac stars such as Polaris.

Milky Way taken in A'ershan National Forest Park

The Milky Way taken in A’ershan National Forest Park at 2015 Aug 15 9pm

It is recommended to take the official sightseeing bus provided by the park for traveling within A’ershan beacuse the drivers are more familiar with the uneven and narrow road conditions of the site.

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