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Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Mount Huangshan

Jin Ding Da Dao, Huangshan Qu, Huangshan Shi, Anhui Sheng, China
Monday - Friday, Sunday -> 06:30-16:30
Saturday -> 06:00-16:30
CNY 230
2-3 days (Suggested)

As one of the major tourist destinations, Huangshan(黄山) was reputed as the most beautiful mountain range in China. It was also known as “Yellow Mountain” literally, where Huang – 黃 is “Yellow” and Shan – 山 refers to mountains. Although it is called “Yellow Mountain”, Huangshan does not indicate that the mountains are in the color yellow. Yellow, on the other hand, refers to the color of Emperor, so the actual meaning of Huangshan is “The mountains of the Emperor”.

Famous poets, scholars and artists had been inspired by the scenery of Huangshan situated in the south of Anhui province. Bizarre rocks with peculiar form, tenacious pines, mountain shrouded in mist combines naturally to impress the pilgrims of Huangshan. As a sacred site of Taoism, various Tao infrastructures could be found on Huangshan. Folks had been escaping in Huangshan at war. Fullfilling into the criteria of both cultural and natural heritage, Huangshan was inscribed to both as a mix heritage in 1990.

Opening Hours and Tickets of Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
All AreaMar - Nov (peak season)Adult230
All AreaDec - Feb (off season)Adult150
All AreaMar - Nov (peak season)Senior115
All AreaDec - Feb (off season)Senior75
Taiping Cable 太平索道Mar - Nov (peak season)Adult80
Taiping Cable 太平索道Dec - Feb (off season)Adult65
Yuping 玉屏索道Mar - Nov (peak season)Adult90
Yuping 玉屏索道Dec - Feb (off season)Adult75

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Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Huangshan,

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