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Hongcunzhen, Huangshan, Anhui, China
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HongCun is founded by the Wangs 汪. year 800 in Song Dynasty(南宋).
A few years later, a furious storm altered the path of the riverbank cause it to intersect with another tributary, water flood into the field and by then a lake was formed. This is a flattering breakthrough for the Wangs. With the new pond HongCun is surrounded by the mountains (north) and the lake (south), in FengShui, mountains are Yang while water are Yin, from then on HongCun is an ideal place of living.
In Ming Dynasty, a FengShui man HeKeDa was employed on behalf of the HongCun villagers to reconstruct their village. He explained that HongCun has a shape of laying buffalo, and he suggested to built a pond (月沼) from an existing semi-circular spring, indicating the stomach of the buffalo. Years later the HongCun villagers found that their life were pretty much the same, after several studies He said that buffalo should have two stomachs, agreeing on this assumption the HongCun villagers dug their fields into another pond which is NanHu (南湖) today. From then on the lives of the villagers had been improved for another few centuries.

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