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Tsz Shan Monastery

The Buddhist Temple with the Second Tallest Outdoor Guanyin Statue in the World

Hong Kong
88 Universal Gate Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
Monday - Sunday -> 09:30-17:00
CNY Free
0.5-1 day (Suggested)

You could find the Tsz Shan Monastery and its Guanyin Bodhisattva statue escaped far from the city center of Hong Kong, in the outskirts of Taipo. The bronze Guanyin statue is the second tallest Guanyin statue, where the tallest one in the world is in Sanya.

The clean and spacious Tsz Shan Monastery provide a tranquil sanctuary for spiritual purification in a Chinese way. It gives the value-centered city a heaven of peace apart from the busy city center.



Opening Hours and Tickets of Tsz Shan Monastery

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
All AreaYear RoundAdultFree

Directions of Getting There

Air – HKG(Hong Kong)

Metro – Tai Po Market Station and transfer bus or mini bus

Bus – 75K, 275R; Mini bus – 20B, 20C, 20T

Only mini bus 20T is the direct route, other bus/mini bus, alight at San Tau Kok and walk to Tze Shan Monastery entrance for 10 minutes.

The Tze Shan Monastery Tips and Guides

Common rules of visiting monasteries apply, for example dress properly and cover yourself up, be quiet and lower your voice, do not touch the items or statues in the temples. Try to keep light and avoid bringing heavy luggage and baggage as there are no storage facilities provided.

Limited Entrance

Though the admission fee is free, the daily number of visitors are limited to 400 only to ensure quality of the visit. You will have to pre-book your visit online or you will not be allowed to enter.

Reserving Your Visit Online

You can reserve your trip one month before. Passport or identity card verification is required. One person could bring at most 5 visitors per id. Usually it is quite difficult to make a booking on weekends and holidays. Try to reserve early once you have planned the day of visit.

No Incense Stick Burning

Most buddhist monasteries require incense burning for worship. In Tsz Shan Monastery, burning incense is not allowed, alternatively they have water offerings, tea meditation, walk meditation and Zen calligraphy to practice religion. These sound like healthier activities from burning incense plus they give visitors a sense of Chinese taste too.

No Smoking

No Photographing/Video Taking inside the Halls

Bring a Bottle of Water and A Few Fruits

While alcoholic beverages are not allowed, you are recommended to bring a bottle of water for hydration and fruits or food as snacks. Water dispensers are available around the temple. Meat is not allowed. Do respect the religion practice while you are in the temples.



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