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Hong Kong Disneyland

The First Disneyland in China, and Still the Smallest Disneyland in the World

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
+852 1-830-819
Monday - Sunday -> 10:00-20:45 (exact time opening varies, please visit official site for precise hours)
CNY 432 (~HKD 539)
1-2 days (Suggested)

Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth Disneyland-style theme park built in the world. It is also the second Disneyland constructed in Asia, where the first one was located in Tokyo, Japan; and certainly, it is the first Disneyland opened in China. The journey to Hong Kong Disneyland is repackaged as bringing you to a magical world from the bustling city, just like Mickey Mouse and his friends going on a magical adventure.

There are 7 themed attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland.

  1. Main Street, USA (Classical Theme)
  2. Adventureland (Classical Theme)
  3. Fantasyland (Classical Theme)
  4. Tomorrowland (Classical Theme)
  5. Mystic Point (New Theme)
  6. Grizzly Gulch (New Theme)
  7. Toy Story Land (New Theme)

If you are familiar with Disneyland, you must have heard of Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland before. What makes Hong Kong Disneyland special, except that it is a relatively compact Disneyland, two of the new themes – Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch, could be found only in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Besides Hong Kong, you could find Toy Story Land in both Paris and Florida.


Opening Hours and Tickets of Hong Kong Disneyland

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
All AreaYear RoundAdult432 (~HKD 539)
All AreaYear RoundChild308 (~HKD 385)
All AreaYear RoundGolden Years80 (~HKD 100)

Directions of Getting There

Air – HKG(Hong Kong)

Metro – Transfer to Tung Chung line and then Disneyland Resort Line — arrive at Hong Kong Disneyland Station

Bus – R8, R33, R42 (Direct)

Most likely you will have to make transfer if you travel by bus from city center. Take a bus (‘A’ or ‘E’ bus route) traveling to the airport in your area (E11 from Causeway Bay; E21 from Mong Kok) and drop off at Lantau Link Toll Plaza bus stop 青嶼幹線繳費廣場, transfer to bus R8.

Try to take the Disney Metro line for at least once if budget is allowed. The specially designed trains are Disney-themed. It also operates on a fully automatic mode without any driver operations. The metro line is also the most time-effective means of transport to and from city center.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Tour Tips and Guides

Plan How Long are You Staying

The attractions and points of interest in the theme park are closely packed. For common visitors, 1 full day is adequate to tour all locations and experience most of the featured events. Unless you are a hard-core Disney fans, you do not have to pre-plan your trip to HK Disneyland like you are going to the Ocean Park. Attractions are easy to reach and you can get to another area attraction within minutes; many shows run several times a day.

If you would like to lengthen the magical hours and go over the full Disneyland check list, you are recommended to stay in Disneyland Resorts and get a 2-day pass.

Get the Guidemap and the Times Guide

At the park entrance after passing the ticket area and baggage check point, (where you could see the Disneyland Railroad), pick up both the Guidemap and the Times Guide. Some visitors picked up only the Guidemap (glossy colored leaflets) but missed the Times Guide (sometimes in monochrome matte recycled paper). Times Guide tells you where and when will the shows start, it will be handy all through your stay. If you forget to pick up these guides and rush right into the park for Mickey Mouse (especially if you have kids with you), you will have to walk all the way back to get them, which is quite time-consuming and avoidable.


If you happen to travel on a busy day and it takes a long time to queue up for games, you could get a FASTPASS ticket to minimize the waiting time. One person can get a FASTPASS ticket on each attractions. You could arrive on the designated time for your turn without queuing. Till now the attractions which have FASTPASS service available would be – Space Mountain and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

The FASTPASS ticket service is free to use.


Bring Drinks with You, But No Food

You could bring water or drinks(no alcoholic beverages) into the park. There are water fountains outside the toilets for you to refill. But no food is allowed. Still, if you are the type who always carry food with you, you could still bring some and hide them into the hidden pockets of your bag and ‘smuggle’ them in. Just make sure you don’t carry anything obviously labelled as ‘food’ such as the McDonald’s happy meal paper bag, then you should be fine.

Food and drinks are sold everywhere in the park.

Keep Warm

It could turn chilly at night. Especially if you are travelling with children, bring along a scarf or light coat to keep warm.

Best Spot for Fireworks Photography

Right after the night parade ends, Disney staff will begin to prepare the site for the fireworks. If you would like to take stunning firework photos, the best spot for firework photography will be right in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Try to get into the front line so less heads will appear in your photos (This was how we got our featured fireworks photo). After the night parade, you will have to wait for an hour for the fireworks to start. So make sure you could wait at the good spot for an hour without leaving. Based on the experience, it is suggested to buy food and visit the loo (especially if you have children with you) before the night parade starts. Get your spot right after the parade ends and consume the food, but please keep the place clean! If you leave your spot, it will be rather difficult to come back because of the sea of waiting visitors.

Shop at Main Street U.S.A. At Night After the Parade

If you are not into photography, you could enjoy the fireworks anywhere in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle or on the Main Street USA. So it is best to do shopping right after the parade in the shops on the Main Street, meanwhile waiting for the fireworks.

If you had spent your time waiting at the best spot location, you still have around half an hour to shop after the fireworks end.

In and Out the Park

You can re-enter the park for unlimited times within the day for a day’s ticket. Do not forget to present your ticket and get handstamp from the entrance/exit.


If you are going on weekdays, there would be relatively small number of visitors; the crowd is acceptable on weekends. Try to avoid the days of long Chinese holidays (for example Chinsese Labour Day in May and National Day of PRC)

Disney Stickers

When you are trekking around the park, you will be able to see a lot of Disney staff on duty. Try to talk to them and they will give you stickers of Disney characters! Usually staff from different themes will carry different stickers. Ask around!


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