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Wulan Fu Memorial Hall

The Former Residence of Ulanhu, the "Mongolian King"

Inner Mongolia
Zhengfu St, Tumed Zuoqi, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China
中国>内蒙古自治区>呼和浩特市>土默特左旗呼和浩特乌兰夫纪念馆-- 呼和浩特市回民区钢铁路呼和浩特植物园内
Spring, Autumn -> 09:00-17:00
Summer -> 09:00-17:30
Winter -> 09:30-17:00
CNY Free
half - 1 day (Suggested)

Wulan Fu(Ulanhu) is a widely known communist in Hohhot district. He was the founding father of Inner Mongolia, that’s why he was also entitled the “Mongolian King” during his times.

Ulanhu was born in this mansion and stayed there in his teen. The mansion was refurbished as Ulanhu’s memorial hall now. The memorial hall is magnificent and full of unique ethnic flavor. It exhibits plenty of communism pictures and videos about his life experiences as a communist.

Wulan Fu Memorial Hall is located next to the Hohhot Botanical garden. With mountains and rivers around, it makes the location of Ulanhu’s residence a tranquil place to live in.

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Directions of Getting There


Hohhot Baita International Airport 呼和浩特白塔机场

Take the airport bus line 1 at the airport and get off at Zhaojun Hotel 昭君大酒店. Then, walk 100 meters to the south and take the bus Route K1 at the Mongolia people’s hall 内蒙古人民会堂 station, directly to Wulan Fu Memorial Hall.
Taxi costs 35 minutes and ¥40 CNY.


Hohhot Railway Station.
This station is located 4.4km away from the botanical garden. Taxi from railway station to Wulan Fu Memorial Hall costs ¥20 CNY; transfer bus 52/93/303.

Hohhot Eastern Railway Station:
16km away from the botanical garden. Taxi costs 30 minutes and ¥30CNY or take bus Route K1.


Route 4, 7, 52, 59, 72, 80, 81, 93, 102, 303, K1 and alight at Wulan Fu Memorial Hall 乌兰夫纪念馆


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