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Zuojiang Huashan Scenic Area (NingMing Cliff Rock Art Landscape)

Ningming Huashan Scenic Attraction Area

Huashan, Chongzuo, Guangxi China
Monday - Sunday -> Summer 08:30-16:30
Monday - Sunday -> Winter 09:00-16:00
CNY 120
half - 1 day (Suggested)

UNESCO has added Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape to the World Heritage List in 2016. But Zuojiang Huashan Scenic Area has been inscribed into the national nature protected area by China for years.

Apart from its tropical forest features inhabiting various plants and animals species, the highlight of Hua Mountain features on a cliff of 200km along the coast, where the steep cliff is imprinted with groups of mural, combining to a huge scale painting — along the cliff of the mountains. Among them the NingMing Hua Mountain Mural 宁明花山壁画 is the most delicately painted, and the largest mural of all. It is said to be the king of Zuojiang origin cliff mural. Thus the cliff murals of Zuojiang is commonly named as Hua Mountain Mural or Mt Hua Rock Art (by UNESCO).

The cliff rock art of Mount Hua has around 1800 different types of graphics, most of them are humans, along with animals and tools. The rough human figures have different shapes and gestures, but without facial expressions. The single circle and double circle represent the sun and the moon. Research has shown that these drawings had been sculpted as early as the Spring and Autumn (771 BC-476 BC), and was expanded to Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD). The art theme, content, color ingredients, even how the paintings were drawn, are still unknown. This is one of the reason why this site is attracted by archaeologists and being valued by the China and the UNESCO.

Opening Hours and Tickets of Zuojiang Huashan Scenic Area (NingMing Cliff Rock Art Landscape)

Entrance fees

AreaSeasonVisitorFee (CNY)
CruiseYear RoundAdult120

Directions of Getting There

If you would like to view the facet wall art on boat, the boat ride will start at daily 15:30, there will an additional interval on weekends. Once the number of passengers reached 20, the boat will be full and you will not be able to travel on official boat. So it is recommended to book the trip 2 hours before it starts.


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Zuojiang Hua Mountain Cliff Facet

Zuojiang Huashan Scenic Area (NingMing Cliff Rock Art Landscape) Chongzuo,

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