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Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple

Dengfeng Shi, Zhengzhou Shi, Henan Sheng, China
Monday - Sunday -> 07:30-18:00
CNY 100
3-4 hours (Suggested)

Located in Zhengzhou Henan, Defeng is a city located at the foot of Song Shan, whose three mountain peaks were sacred to the Taoism but Buddhist and Confucian sites were also found. In ancient Chinese cosmology, China is located in the center of Heaven and Earth, geographically the center of Heaven and Earth is located in the central plain of China (Zhongyuan), whose core is located in Zhengzhou Henan. This place was core of capital reigns in ancient dynasties and the center of Chinese culture. The mainstream of Chinese civilization – Buddhist, Confucian and Taoism had developed core foundations in this place for spreading their ideas. As the ancient Chinese believed that it lies in the center, Dengfeng was also popular for astronomy studying. With the geographical advantage, Dengfeng had retained a large number of precious cultural monuments, which most of them were related to the “Centre of Heaven and Earth”(天地之中­) belief of the ancient Chinese cosmology, 11 of them were incorporated by UNESCO as cultural heritage in 2010. This group of 11 monuments includes 3 gates and 8 clusters of infrastructures, where one of them is the renowned Shaolin Temple. A common misconception of this UNESCO heritage site is that it stands for Shaolin Temple, but actually the Shaolin Temple only represents one of them. And rather than looking for the interesting fighting monks, this heritage entry carries a deeper meaning of classical Chinese beliefs.

11 monuments of “The Centre of Heaven and Earth” in Dengfeng

  • Taishi Que 太室阙
  • Qimu Que Gates 启母阙
  • Shaoshi Que Gates 少室阙
  • Songyang Academy 嵩阳书院
  • Zhongyue Temple 中岳庙
  • Songyue Temple Pagoda 嵩岳寺塔
  • Gaocheng Astronomical Observatory 观星台
  • Huishan Temple 会善寺
  • Shaolin Monastery 少林寺常住院
  • Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple 塔林
  • Chuzu Temple 初祖庵

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