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About Us

What is provides attractions in China which may be of interest to the public. Now we are currently focus on the major attractions in China and selecting the places which are more worth visiting than others. There are countless attractions in China and all claim they are beautiful and have a long history. Millions of attractions but time of traveling is always limited, we would like to get the most from our trips. Which are the places where a trip must not be missed? Does this attraction worth my travelling time and money? will help you to figure out if certain places could interest you by providing more information of it. Have a brief look before planning it on your journey.


Outstanding attractions in China, for example the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and such, has millions of visitors all around the year. But how many of them understand why are they there? Do they know why it is built that way? What is the significance of the constructions? would illustrate the attractions in a way that the public would gain a better understand of the attractions and how to appreciate them. Appreciate our world and see their values instead of mere visiting and heresay. Understand the value of lives of our ancestors. That is how maturity developed through travelling. We hope to escalate the meaning of travelling to another level.

The Purpose of

Though appreciating various places and attractions, we hope that the public would join in the force of protecting our heritage and culture. Regardless of the geographic location, it is hard to believe that some of the heritages are in danger of destruction. Animals and plant species are endangered; ancient culture and practices are disappearing. The mission of rescue is on our hands and we would like to tell the public how precious and valuable they are, so then all of us would act on a little greener to contribute on saving our planet and protect them before it is too late. Wherever the heritages locate, they belong not only to their nations, but us too, human. Six of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World had been destroyed. We can now only image them from the drawings. How magnificent are they actually? Never could we feel it. The last thing we want to see is history repeating itself.

Future plans

We are currently working on each of the UNESCO heritage sites individually, hopefully provide more information on each of them for public.

There are many popular China destinations which everyone knows. But are there some of the sites which also worth visiting instead of the spoilt ones? Cost and time are the major concerns in a trip and when we can finally afford one, we do not want to miss anything interesting nearby. Here in china-attractions we hope to provide in detail as many interesting attractions in China as we can after we had worked on the main theme of the website.