Pagoda in Lijiang, Photo by Trey Ratcliff in

World Heritage Tourist Attractions in China

Overview of China UNESCO Heritage Sites By 2016, over 48 […]

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Experience the Culture of China in Gilroy Gardens Festival (with Coupons and Discounted Tickets)

Dragons, Porcelain, Pagodas and Chinese Lanterns at Gilroy Gardens Lumination […]

A street packed with shops offering cell phone serives
A street packed with shops offering cell phone serives

Cell Phones and Mobile Internet in China – a Necessity for Tourist Traveling

Smartphones have become indispensable in our everyday lives. We depend […]

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The World’s Highest Glass Skywalk Trail in the Cliff of Heavens Gate Mountain, Zhangjiajie

This glass skywalk trail (玻璃栈道) is definitely not designed for […]

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Heavens Gate Mountain Near Zhangjiajie (Mountain Tyanmen/Tianmen)

Heaven’s Gate Mountain – 天門山(Mountain Tyanmen or Tianmen Mountain), has […]

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Look Over 2015, Awards of Aerial Photography with UAV, by Xinhua

Aerial Photography is becoming increasingly popular. In the beginning of […]

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How to Buy Forbidden City Tickets Online?

Starting from 2015, the tenth “China Cultural Heritage Day”, Forbidden […]

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China, When to Visit?

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The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

A Tranquil Curise to Lake Tai

To the ones who has arrived Lake Tai for the […]

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The Stanley Market and Murray House in Hong Kong

Stanley, a small village in Hong Kong, has now become […]